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It's Time -Pink-The Voice


 Chicago's brightest rising star, De'Borah, is releasing her debut single “Coming Out Looking Good” on March 12, 2013. The outspoken daughter of two pastors feels like her dream has come true-recording a song she wrote in her hometown. De'Borah grew up singing in church with 10 siblings driven by their competitive father. Her debut single “Coming Out Looking Good” showcases her visceral and sometimes raw vocal strength, which says a lot about her personality and her willingness to take risks.

De’Borah is a true breath of fresh air in an industry that wants to shape artists based on looks. She cannot be boxed into any standard music industry packaging and sets her own path, not wanting anyone to tell her how to look or act. She is focused and dedicated, taking her musical gift very seriously and constantly seeking encouragement to develop her creativity. With just that in mind, she found her way to WuLi Records, an established Chicago Independent Music Label, known for cultivating world renowned Chicago talent.

De'Borah describes her music and overall swagger as very eclectic. She energetically intertwines Rock, Alternative, Soul & Pop into her own unpredictable range of styles. De’Borah believes music is about stories and writes music from within, often relating her experiences to today’s youth. De'Borah states "music will always reflect who I am” and she has not lost any momentum since coming in #11 on Season 3 of The Voice. She recently had the honor of meeting the first lady, Michelle Obama, while she was singing at a local event.

Deborah’s first experience in the Chicago recording studio rang true when one of her producers stated, "DeBo let the first take be the foundation of a greater take". This simple statement resonated with her creativity and settled her nerves. Her producers, Ryan T. McGuire and Louis J. Svitek, Jr. are known for encouraging and refining talent without stifling creativity. Their label, Wuli Records has no limit to their artistic capabilities as they have successfully produced all genres of music.

De'Borah's voice is uniquely mature for a 25-year-old, in fact, her studio performance required little to no tuning, which is rare gift. She is never complacent and she seeks constant improvement in all areas. “You can be a performer and not be an artist, but I am an artist. I have spent time researching everything I can about the industry and becoming an artist. I am not only honing my songwriting skills, but I am also developing my brand, including my image and my stage presence, right down to learning how to handle the media when the situation arises. This isn’t just a dream of mine, this is my life and I won’t give up.” De'Borah takes and applies all the advice she was given from Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green , Blake Shelton and Adam Levine on The Voice and all the music industry professionals she has had the opportunity to come across. Cee Lo Green told her he loved her “swag,” attitude and energy. Christina Aguilera said she had “so much fun” listening to the performance.

De'Borah is no stranger to the stage. She is at home on stage, and every stage she steps her foot on, becomes her home. Her singing career started in her Father's Church Choir, "The Bishop's Choir", and continued through her years in the Percy L. Julian High-School music department. Up until recently, DeBo was active in the Chicago gospel scene. De'Borah’s live performances started locally in her hometown church in Chicago Heights, IL. and extend across the country from Los Angeles to New York City. De’Borah’s influences includes her Mother, Debra Garner, and Maroon 5, of course, and a wide range of artists: from Hawkins to Michael Jackson, Pink, The Frey and Beyoncé.