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"One Time Offer "



Pound of Flesh is an alternative electronic hard rock band based in Chicago featuring, former member of Ministry Darrel James.
In 2000, Pound of Flesh debuted with Red & Black. It received critical acclaim and support from 250+ radio stations across the US and charted within the top five of several of those stations.
While touring regionally in support of Red & Black, James had the great fortune to be introduced to the legendary Al Jourgensen of Ministry. Jourgensen invited James to play keyboards during Ministry’s 2003 “Fornicatour.” Darrell agreed, and Jourgensen loved his creative contribution so much he asked him to stay on for Ministry’s 2004 “Evil Doer” tour. Additionally, Darrell's keyboard and programming work can be heard on Ministry's Rantology and Rio Grande Blood as well as the Revolting Cocks Cocked and Loaded
2008 Darrell started collaborating with keyboardist Steven McIntosh on new material. 
In 2012 POF released the album "Pill" through their DIY label "Drakeraven Entertainment" and recruited guitarist Alan Stehman, bassist Jack Curylo and drummer Jarek "Jerry" Lukomski.
The last few years have been very productive--performing regionally, writing and recording new material. 
On November 21, 2014. POF released their latest effort "Pills" on WuLi Records and INgrooves Music Group.
POF's music video the for the first single from "Pills" titled "One-time Offer" will be released in December, 2014.
The Shylock is back for his Pound of Flesh. 
We will all pay the price...


Billboard: "racy, jock-grabbing. A powerful bridge between nostalgic music and forward-reaching visions. Ultimately relatable. A vehicle for catharsis, the kind that leaves you spent yet oddly invigorated. This is deep stuff, kids, that will take you on a journey that you will want to experience again and again."

Alternative Press: "Pound of Flesh has swiveled the heads industrimental fans. You'll like POF."

CMJ New Music Report: "POF's frontman Darrell Probst's adds a catchy, unusually melodic edge to this outfit."

The Album Network: "Chicago, home to many creative visionaries has a new pioneer to add to its resume. Pound of Flesh is unafraid to take chances and expand musical horizons with extraordinary ideas. POF is fiery and wicked, intriguing and deviant. POF features unforgettable lyrics.