Chicago legend, Louis Svitek, in collaboration with Tito White & The High Class Gypsies, presents a new track Be Well. 

 Chicago legend, Louis Svitek, in collaboration with Tito White & The High Class Gypsies, presents their new track Be Well. 

Svitek says that Be Well came to him fully-formed in a sudden and urgent creative vision inspired by the chaos and division in his country. It would be the first time every collaborator contributed their parts from separate locations without rehearsing the music in-person. Svitek feels this brought honesty and rawness to the song that might have otherwise been washed away by the repetition of rehearsals. 

Svitek doesn’t like to impose the meaning of his lyrics on listeners - everyone can interpret them within their own frame of reference - but it’s clear he calls to us to reflect on the impact of our actions and the consequences of our choices; urging us to respond with higher love and a deeper concern for others. “Be Well” will haunt you with its demand that we all look inward and consider, very carefully, our vision of the future. 

The video comes to us from an unmapped and mysterious underground bunker - Svitek’s experience pulled it off in one take (we were all amazed). 

About the Musicians: 

Irish Mike Ramirez: Since playing drums with TVG (The Virginia Gents) abruptly paused when Colonel Clete Peters disappeared on hiatus (that's our story and we're sticking to it), Irish Mike decided the best next move was to work with Tito and Svitek (at least these dudes have some serious chops). 

Troy Gourley: THE goto studio bassist - he’s spot-on and reclusive. 

Del Williamson: Vocalist of Chicago’s “Mayhem Inc”, Del has power and vocal control not really showcased here but he agreed to bring his grit to the vocals...and bring it he did. 

Tito White: Rhythm guitarist and founder of “Tito White & The High Class Gypsies”. 

Louis Svitek: Songwriter, guitar, and vocals. Owner Sviteknology Studios. Google him. 

Other very necessary and talented folks: 

Mixed and mastered @ Colorsonic Sound by Jason Moncivaiz 

Drums masterfully recorded by Ryan T. McGuire at Studio X23 

Video by ORyan Productions & Sviteknology Media 

Graphics like no one else. For real. Brad Gordee 

Audra - if she can’t do it, we don’t have it. 

Ryan T. McGuire & Louis Svitek appear courtesy of Wuli Records 

Label: WuLi Records 
Distribution: InGrooves Music Group 

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