1. Lady Ish
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And when I looked down from the mountain
And I saw some kind of monkey and I saw some kind of bird
and I saw some kind of reptile
We saw them together
Just me and my screaming women
And apostate and a Mormon Jack
We stole of our stolen kisses
The monkey had a switchblade
And my wife had something too
Me and my dancing ponies
And a juggler or two
We craved the wanted women
A sword or you're a knife
Nothing but ladies
Can treat me so nice
My Lady-ish so happy
Creeping from her room
Flip-flops and a roundhouse
Flip-flops and a roundhouse
On the floor with you
On the floor with you
No one wants to see the ladies
No one saw your gypsies
No one saw your man
Stealing kisses from Rico
Stealing kisses from me
And I never saw your eyeballs
Some freak is in my cellar
Someone broke in my house
And then when we told him about it
He didn't know what to do
And we crossed the smoking reefer
A switchblade and a juggler
And we kept him to ourself
And we stole the virgin juggler
And juggled with a knife
Shooting dice with Regis Philbin
And crossed swords with your wife