1. Cocina

From the recording 5 Older Goldies

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Music & Lyrics
John Bailey/Ryan T. McGuire/Jeff Henderson/Charles Bailey/Louis Svitek Jr.

Lead Vocals :Colonel Clete Peters
Drums,Percussion,Bass,Accordion,Theremin,& Vocals:"Irish" Mike Ramirez
Guitar and Backing Vocals:Hank "Jet" Black
Sweet Solo Guitar and Savory AcousticGuitar: Tito White
All Songs Produced,Recorded,Mixed,& Edited
@ Studio Ten23 By Ryan T. McGuire
Mastered @ Colorsonic Sound by Jason Moncivaiz
*Additional Guitars Recorded @ Sviteknology Studios by Louis Svitek Jr.
© 2015 Wuli Records Inc.
℗ Wuli Records Inc.


Here's a little love song

I picked up from the stevedores

While hanging around the docks of Caracas

It's about loving the finer things in life

And it goes something like this .....

Donde estas las chicas blancas mi amigo

Esta aquí esta aquí el Colonel en la cocina

Donde es mas bonita tequila mi amigo

Esta aquí esta aquí el Colonel con las perras

Donde esta mas negro huevos mi amigo

Esta aquí esta aquí el Colonel Viene Tito