From the recording 5 Older Goldies

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Vigoda’s Papers

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Vigoda’s Papers

Music & Lyrics
John Bailey/Ryan T. McGuire/Jeff Henderson/Charles Bailey,Louis Svitek Jr.

Lead Vocals: Colonel Clete Peters
Drums , Stirring Drum Solo,Percussion,Claps,&Vocals:”Irish” Mike Ramirez
Guitar ,Claps,& Staggering Guitar Solo: Hank” Jet” Black
Guitar & Formidable Guitar Solo: Tito White
Bass & Fearsome Bass Solo: Vic Toblerone
Piano: Romeo Plantain
Additional Backing Vocals: Junior Peters Jr.
All Songs Produced,Recorded,Mixed,& Edited
@ Studio Ten23 By Ryan T. McGuire
Mastered @ Colorsonic Sound by Jason Moncivaiz
*Additional Guitars Recorded @ Sviteknology Studios by Louis Svitek Jr.
© 2015 Wuli Records Inc.
℗ Wuli Records Inc.


When Abe Vigoda jumps for joy
all the girls and little boys
get gussied in their whiskey suits
and wax about their zipper fruits
you bring the creams Ill bring the toys
when Abe Vigoda jumps for joy

When Buddy Hackett goes to bed
folks next door are pissing red
dust off those stars and bars
sharpen up those fighting stars
take a snort to feed your head
when Buddy Hackett goes to bed

When Eddie Arnold claps his hands
Severenson strikes up the band
the pups recline on grandpas knee
and dance around the Zima tree
you'll need at least 300 grand
when Eddie Arnold claps his hands

When Cloris Leachman feeds her dog
emerging from her sloe gin fog
she paints her face to dance a jig
fumbles for her spoon and rig
the princess finally found her frog
when Cloris Leachman feeds her dog